Sunday, April 26, 2009

Welcome Nathan Carl Bartron!

Our newest grandbaby was born on April 2nd to Ryan and Heather who live in Bountiful, Utah. We went to visit when he was 3 days old and got some pictures with both sets of grandparents. Nathan is a good combination of his parents but seems to have inherited the "Bartron Scowl". We are excited that they are only about 3 hours away and hope to get to know Nathan well before they all move away in the Fall. Ryan will be going to grad school somewhere - will update that later. Here are some of the pics we took on the way to Bountiful and while there.

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KDorman said...

Hi Pat,

He is sooo cute.. I have been following on their blog too. They also sent us an annoucement. I hope all is well. A new primary presidency has taken over....sister Hansen. They just moved here last year. I am teaching RS now...3rd sunday. Hope all is well and tell everyone HI for us.